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Anupam Industries Limited A-806

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Equipment ID : skustatictowercrane_13
Category : Static/Tower Cranes
Brand : Anupam Industries Limited
Model : A-806
Description : Anupam Industries Limited A-806

Equipment Details

Equipment Specification
Brand Anupam Industries Limited
Model A-806
Main Supply 430 V/50 hz
Total Electric Power 48 KVA
Performance Data
Jib Length/Radius 60 m
Free standoing height 40.52 m
Tip load(Ton) 1.4 t
Speed(m/min) 0-70 m/min
Power(kw) 25 hp
Speed(rpm) 0-0.8 rpm
Power(kw) 2 x 5 hp
Speed(m/min.) 0-60 m/min
Power (kw) 4 hp
Speed(m/min.) 0-25 m/min
Power(kw) 2 x 6.5 hp

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