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Atlas Copco Boomer 281

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Equipment ID : skudrillrigs_2
Category : Hydraulic Drilling Rigs (Drill Jumbo)
Brand : Atlas Copco
Model : Boomer 281
Description : Face drilling rigs Boomer 281 Equipped with COP 1638 or COP 1838ME rock drill

Equipment Details

Equipment Specification
Brand Atlas Copco
Model Boomer 281
Coverage Dimension
Coverage Area up to 31 m²
Max. Coverage height 6080 mm
Max. Coverage width 6110 mm
Traming Specifications
Width 1650 mm
Height cabin up 2800/2100 mm (up/down)
Max Length 4677 mm
Ground clearance 280 mm
Total Weight 10000 kg
TRAMMING SPEED On flat ground (rolling resistance 0.05) >10 km/hr,On incline 1:8 >4.5 km/hr
Gradeability/n inclination 1:4 (Gradeability at max. load on drive wheels)
Description COP 1638 or COP 1838ME rock drill with dual-damping system for optimal consumable life Pressurized housing and mating surfaces to reduce internalcontamination of the rock drill
Rock drill COP 1838ME
Optional Rock Drill COP 1638
Impact/Percution power 18 kW
Impact/Percution rate 60 Hz
Hydraulic/Percution pressure 230 bar
Rotation system pressure Separate rotation
Rotation speed 0–340 rpm
Rotation torque, max 640–1000 Nm
Water consumption, max 40-120 l/m
Shank adapter R32/R38/T38
Height over drill centre (Profile Height) 88 mm
Length without shank 1008 mm
Weight 170 kg
Sound level <106 dB(A)
Model BUT 28
Parallelism/Parallel holding complete
Boom Extension 1250 mm
Boom/Feed Roll over angle 360° (Feed roll-over)
Boom Weight 1750 kg
Description •Telescopic feed BMHT 2800-series for left/right handedbooms
Model BMH 2837
Feed force 15.0 kN
Feed extension 1250 mm
Drill steel length 3700 mm
Hole depth 3405 mm
Weight 495 kg
Optional feed BMH 2800 BMH 2831 BMH 2843
Air System
Description Electronically driven piston compressor
Air Discharge Capacity/Flow 4.4 l/s
Air Discharge pressure 12 bar
Water system
Description Water booster pump Flygt PXR411H
Water booster flow/dischage Capacity 1.1 l/s
Pump boosting pressure 12 bar
Electrical system
Total Installed power 63 kw
Main (Power apack) motor power 1 x 55 kW
Voltage 380–1 000 V
Frequency 50–60 Hz
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic pumps Description 2 separate units, one for each boom
System pressure, max 150–230 bar
Engine Description Deutz 5-cylinder, F5L 912W diesel engine
Engine Rated Power 52 kW
Engine Rated Torque 230 Nm
Steering System Articulated steering
Transmission Description Hydrostatic transmission
Front axle description Dana 112
Rear axle description Dana 112, ±10° oscillation
Service filling capacity
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 124 L
Fuel tank Capacity 60 L

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