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Atlas Copco Boomer E1/E2 series

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Equipment ID : skudrillrigs_4
Category : Hydraulic Drilling Rigs (Drill Jumbo)
Brand : Atlas Copco
Model : Boomer E1/E2 series
Description : BOOMER E1/E2
SERIES Hydraulic face drilling rigs for medium to large drifts and tunnels with cross sections up to 112 m²

Equipment Details

Equipment Specification
Brand Atlas Copco
Model Boomer E1/E2 series
Coverage Dimension
Coverage Area up to 112 m²
Max. Coverage height 9290 mm
Max. Coverage width 14090 mm
Traming Specifications
Width 2550 mm (COP 1838)
Height cabin up 3144/2518 mm (up/down)
Max Length 3170 mm (with 6 cylinder engine andCOP 1838)
Ground clearance 341 mm
Turning radius 8600/4800 mm (6 cylinder engine(COP 1838))
TRAMMING SPEED On flat ground (rolling resistance 0.05) >15km/hr,On incline 1:8 >5 km/hr
Rock drill COP 1838
Optional Rock Drill COP 2238COP 3038/COP 4038
Impact/Percution power 18 kW
Impact/Percution rate 60 Hz
Hydraulic/Percution pressure 230 bar
Rotation system pressure Separate rotation
Rotation speed 0–340 rpm
Rotation torque, max 640–1000 Nm
Water consumption, max 40-120 l/m
Shank adapter R32/R38/T38
Height over drill centre (Profile Height) 88 mm
Length without shank 1008 mm
Weight 170 kg
Sound level <106 dB(A)
Model BUT 45 M
Description BMH 6800-Series 14ft, 16ft, 18ft, 20ft, 21ft
Water system
Description Hydraulically driven screw compressor Atlas Copco GAR 5
Water booster flow/dischage Capacity 200 l/min
Pump boosting pressure 15 bar
Electrical system
Total Installed power 83 kw/158 kw
Voltage 400-1000 V
Frequency 50–60 Hz
Engine Description Deutz TCD 2013 L04 2V Stage III A Tier 3 (120 kW)
Engine Rated Power 120 kw
Steering System Articulated steering ±38° steering angle
Service filling capacity
Fuel tank Capacity 175 L (6Cylinder)

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