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beml BG605A

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Equipment ID : skumotorgrader_26
Category : Motor Grader
Brand : beml
Model : BG605A
Description : beml BG605A

Equipment Details

Equipment Specification
Brand beml
Model BG605A
Rear Axle Full floating rear axle is made of forged heat treated steel.
Turning Radius 7.3 m
Total Weight 15800 kg
Make Model/Type/Emission BEML BSAA6D125C1-BS III CEV Diesel, 4 stroke, water-cooled, turbocharged overhead valve, direct injection, mechanical variable speed governor
Rated Power 127 kW (152 hp) @ 1800 rpm
Max Torque 785 Nm (73.5 kgm) @ 1200 rpm
Rated Speed 1800 rpm
Number of Cylinder 6
Displacement 11.04 l
Max Blade Angle 90°
Cutting/ Digging Depth 500 mm
Max blade lifting height 400 mm
Type Hydro shift transmission
Number of Gears 6F/5R
Forward Speed 0-44.9km/hr
Reverse Speed 0-30.9 km/hr
Drive Type Double reduction final drives of spur and spiral gear, roller-chain tandem drives for four rear wheels
Tyre 14.00 x 24 - 12 PR (G-2) traction type
Front Axle
Wheel Lean Angle 23°
Steering Angle 40° left & right of front wheels
Ocillation angle 15°
Ground Clearance 625 mm
Services Brake Foot operated, oil disc brakes, air actuated on 4 rear wheels and sealed for adjustment - free operation. Two crossed brake lines for sure braking
Parking Brake Hand operated internal expanding, shoe type, duo-servo type actuated on transmission output
Services Capacity
Fuel Tank Oil 250 L
Hydraulic System Oil 58 L
Cooling System 55 L
Transmission 36 l

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