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Eqpt Tracker – BV1

Price : ₹ 10,000 ₹ 15,500

Inclusive of all taxes

Eqpt Tracker – BV1
₹ 6,000 ₹ 8,000
SIM (for 1 year)
₹ 1800 ₹ 2,500
Software Lifetime
₹ 2,200 ₹ 5,000


Eqpt Tracker BV 1 enables the equipment tracking systems with combination of computer, cloud server and wireless telecom technologies. The dashboard is designed especially for heavy and construction equipment owners. It is an easy ‘Plug & Play’ device with inbuilt Global SIM card for recording and transferring data through wireless medium. One just needs to install and activate the device for tracking the location of the equipment along with the detailed working hours which can be seen through a shared weblink with a User & Password and can be accessed through a Computer, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Phone.

Please note :

  1. Installation does not require any connections or wire tampering with the equipment.
  2. The device will work for all construction equipment even the ones which remain at a single location and do not move.


USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Hardware features:
Compact, high performance and reliable design
Ultra Low Power Long Life Wire Free
Detect Vibrations
Device Tamper Alerts
Water Proof and Dust Proof (IP-67 casing)
Operating Temperature: -10 degree C to +70 degree C

Software features:
Dedicated Dashboards
Current Status of machine ( Idle/ Running )
Daily & Weekly Running Reports through Mails and SMS

Financial Computation & Reporting as per contract rates (even when the equipment is on rent through other sources)

GPRS/GSM Specification:
Dual Band EGSM (900/1800 MHz)

10.5 cm X 10.5 cm X 6.6 cm


Eqpt.IN warrants that the device provided shall be free from any defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of activation. The Buyer shall intimate Eqpt about any material defect found on the device within 5 days of receiving the device, through a mail. Eqpt shall upon receiving such intimation repair or replace the defective unit free of any cost.

This warranty is limited to the malfunctioning of units only due to faults within the unit. Any willful tampering by the buyer resulting in damage to the unit will render the warranty void.

Warranty Exclusions
  • Eqpt will not be obligated to provide the limited warranties or maintenance services if there has been any unauthorized alteration, modifications, or repair of the device, or in the case of accidents, misuse, abuse, neglect, damage, tampering, unauthorized use.
  • The warranties do not cover accessories, casings, antennas and other non-electrical components.
  • The warranties are in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied. No employee or agent hired by Eqpt has the authority to grant any other warranty to the Seller, written or oral.

Terms & Condition

Any wilful tampering or other acts resulting in damage to the unit will render the warranty void. The following reasons shall not be considered for determining a fault due to manufacturing defect.
- Accidents and Missing/stolen unit
- Proven issue with server performance resulting in updates not being recorded on time


The device would be delivered across India by India Post at your location free of cost (this facility is available only in India). The payment can be made Online through Netbanking or Cash On Delivery (COD).


  • How accurate is the location?
    The device can show the equipment or machine accurate upto 100 mtrs.
  • Does the device need to be recharged at any time after it is installed?
    The device has pre-installed battery which does not require recharging.
  • How is the device connected with the vehicle?
    The device is stuck with Industrial Double sided and Duct Tapes. But for better usage it should be mounted in a case supplied separately.
  • My tracking unit has stopped reporting. What should I do?
    In such a scenario, the owner can call the Eqpt Call Centre and if the device is under warranty it shall be replaced free of cost.
  • Other tracking device is available in the market are relatively cheaper. Why does your device price look so high?
    We are offering a bundled package with device, Global SIM and software. Eqpt Tracker BV 1 comes with one year warranty. Global SIM is given free for one year. The software will be available for users for the lifetime period. Taking all these into account the device is reasonably priced and is available a discounted price.
  • Can we get the device on EMI option?
    The device is currently available with Cash On Delivery (COD) and other online payment options.
  • What is extra features in your device in comparison to the devices in stalled by other equipment manufacturers?
    Our Eqpt Tracker BV 1 is supported by proprietary software which will provide you financial reporting for your equipment rental in easy to understand format. In addition Eqpt.IN will also ensure your equipment to be put on rent (if the equipment owner agrees), save your time and money by not keeping the equipment IDLE. These features you will find exclusively with us.
  • Is there is any discount available?
    The device package is available at a discounted price of INR 10,000 (MRP: INR15,500) as a limited period offer.
  • What happens when somebody tries to remove the Eqpt Tracker BV 1?
    The Eqpt Tracker BV 1 is tamper proof. When somebody tries to remove the device, it will trigger an email and SMS to the registered number and email id.
  • What will happen if the device is idle for longer duration?
    The Eqpt Tracker BV 1 will keep recording and sending the data irrespective of the longer working hours of the equipment.
  • What kind of notifications will be received on email and SMS?
    The equipment owner will receive the tamper alert, daily working hours summary, financial summary etc.
  • Does the user need to enter anything in the dashboard panel?
    The equipment owner will register his email and mobile number for Eqpt Tracker BV 1 GPS data access. Once the device is activated, the dashboard will show the live running condition and hours on the basis of device id.
  • Is there any device which can track speed and fuel status of the equipment?
    The Eqpt Tracker BV 1 with speed and fuel status is available with us at INR 20,000 + installation charges. It is only available on special request.
  • Does the Eqpt Tracker BV 1 work in remote locations?
    Global SIM in the device is capable to receive the best signal from the available telecom operators in any Indian location. So it can work in remote locations with any signal issue.
  • What is the cost from second year?
    The recurring cost from 2nd year will be INR 5000 (MRP: INR 8000). It includes device exchange and global SIM cost for one year.


Installation Video