News - Komatsu introduces the new hybrid excavator

Published on: Apr 11, 2017

Komatsu has introduced the new HB365LC-3 hybrid excavator at Conexpo show in Las Vegas. The HB365LC-3 hybrid excavator uses fourth-generation technology to enhance performance capabilities. The fully-electric hybrid system uses an electric swing motor and  powers the boom, arm, and bucket. The stored power is transmitted to a motor/generator for charging the capacitor quickly when required for fast hydraulic response when boom, arm and bucket controls are activated.

The new excavator features improved hybrid and total-vehicle-control systems. This will  help reduce the fuel consumption by up to 20% depending on application or job type, while maintaining or exceeding operating performance, in the category of  36 t, non-hybrid excavators. This is to bring the fuel efficiency and performance balance to improve capital investment ROI.

“The new 36-ton-class HB365LC-3 excavator is built for power and production first, with the considerable fuel savings an added benefit,” said Kurt Moncini, Komatsu America senior product manager.

“We applied everything we learned when we debuted the HB215LC-1, the world’s first fully-electric hybrid excavator in 2011. Now we have the perfect balance of performance and fuel efficiency.”

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