News - LiuGong wheel loader sales exceed 350,000 units

Published on: Jul 06, 2017

LiuGong recently celebrated selling over 350,000 wheel loaders worldwide. More than 300 people from the government and industry associates, LiuGong founding members, customers dealers, partners, key accounts and media attended the ceremony to witness the historical moment of achieving this milestone.

The construction equipment giant LiuGong is the manufacturer of the first modernised wheel loader in China and the first company that produced plateau type wheel loaders in the world as well as the producer of China’s largest wheel loader, the 8128H. LiuGong manufactured its first wheel loader, the Z435, in 1966, which was also the first certified modern wheel loader in China. The ZL50C was LiuGong’s key product for the following 30 years and was the first Chinese made wheel loader that was exported in large volumes to overseas markets.

“350,000 is only a start for LiuGong,” said Wang Ruixiang, President of China Machinery Industry Federation.

In India the wheel loader market has gone down to one third of sales in 2010-11. But the fundamentals are strong for the wheel loader segment as all the end user industry has plans to nearly double the throughput. For example the ports handling capacity is planned to exceed 3000 MTPA as against current 1700 MTPA, coal output is projected to touch 1 billion tonnes as against current 600 Mn tonnes, cement industry is expected to see 600 million tonnes of output compared to 290 million tonnes as on 2015-16. However, the demand prospect is looking good as sales have started showing signs of recovery and the industry is expected to bounce back to its peak volume of 2400 whereabouts and due to momentum there are prospects of industry volumes doubling from the levels it saw in 2010-11.

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