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Equipment ID : skumotorgrader_22
Category : Motor Grader
Brand : VOLVO
Model : G946
Description : VOLVO G946

Equipment Details

Equipment Specification
Model G946
Turning Radius 7265 mm
Full Overall Dimensions(LxWxH) 9150 x 2537 x 3225 mm
Total Weight 17300 kg
Make Model/Type/Emission Volvo D7E ,Turbocharged, aftercooled with replaceable wet-type cylinder liners,Engine certified to US EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA exhaust emission standards
Rated Power 195 kw
Max Torque 1047 Nm @ 1300 rpm
Rated Speed 1900 rpm
Number of Cylinder 6
Displacement 7.2 L
Max Blade Angle 90°
Cutting/ Digging Depth 790 mm
Type Fully sequential, direct drive, Volvo powershift transmission. Engine cannot be started if transmission is in gear. Single lever electronic transmission controller provides self-diagnostics and overspeed protection. Optional HTE1160 has automatic shifting
Number of Gears 8F/4R
Forward Speed 0-44.9 km/hr
Reverse Speed 0-31.6 km/hr
Drive Type Planetary final reduction with an operator controlled wet multiple disc lock/unlock differential
Tyre 14:00 x 24, G-2
Front Axle
Wheel Lean Angle 18°
Steering Angle 50°
Ocillation angle 16°
Ground Clearance 610 mm
Services Brake Foot operated Fade resistant, hydraulically actuated, wet multiple disc service brakes located at the 4 tandem drive wheels are fully sealed and maintenance free. System features crossover dual braking circuits for uniform braking on both sides of the gra
Parking Brake Spring applied hydraulically released enclosed wet multiple disc type parking brake in final drive. Effective on all 4 tandem drive wheels. Transmission cannot be engaged with park brake on
Services Capacity
Fuel Tank Oil 400 L
Hydraulic System Oil 144 L
Cooling System 34 L
Transmission 61 L

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